Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dreamy Island Cookies

On November 6th of last year I posted an entry here called "The True Tale behind Dreamy Island Cookies". Most of that particular post ended up in a Falmouth Food Column published in the Falmouth Enterprise.
There is something that keeps coming back to me about how special these cookies are. They are not only delicious but the recipe was created out of a fun adventure I had with my kids.
I made three batches of Dreamy Island Cookies this week. One batch was made on the morning my son had three friends at the house for a summer sleepover.
As the boys grow into their adolescence I find it can be challenging to know how best to interact with them. They're certainly not babies--not quite adults. They're always hungry, love their privacy, stay up super late and sleep in all morning.
As they emerged from their slumber they all said, "Wow, those cookies smell so good!"
Granted, cookies can't show me how to raise a teenage boy, but they definitely get the conversations started.

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