Friday, August 8, 2008

A Girl After My Own Heart & Mama Mia!

Bella celebrated her birthday last night. She invited some friends over for pizza and a sleepover. I took them to see Mama Mia! I knew I was going to love it.
It was so much fun. The movie was funny and sweet and very entertaining. I can't wait to get the music soundtrack. It would be perfect as back ground music for baking or cleaning house.
One of her friends brought her a special gift that went in the refrigerator as soon as she arrived. It turned out to be a home made chocolate brownie carved into her name-Bella!
It was creative and thoughtful- a girl after my own heart.
I delivered a triple chocolate decadence cake yesterday to a client. I topped the dark chocolate ganache with a decorative treat in the shape of a whale.

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