Saturday, December 20, 2008

Having Power Vs. Power-less!

Our electricity cut out last night from the storm around 8 p.m. and didn't come on today until around 2p.m. I had prepared myself for the worst since I'd been hearing so many horror stories about power being out around New England for days on end.
I gathered all my warm blankets, candles and flash-lights. I pulled out our propane stove from camping and put on a pot of coffee and made the kids grilled cheeses for lunch. We took all the items from our refrigerator and put them in coolers on the back porch.
We made numerous fires in the fire-place. Since I didn't know when or if the power would be coming back on I made everyone's bed with extra blankets early this morning so that when or if the house was without power everyone would at least have a warm comfortable place to go.
We planned to play board games by the oil lamp.
I suppose I managed it well because in all seriousness we weren't without power for that long- a night and a morning and into an afternoon.
I did manage to sneak upstairs throughout the day to wrap the rest of my christmas gifts.
My only regret is that I wanted to bake some banana bread with some very ripe bananas that are sitting on my counter but without having power I could not use my oven to bake the bread.

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