Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Prudence Pie & Celebrating Birthday's

We went to my mom's last week to share our Thanksgiving meal. We had a good time.
Naturally, we all ate more than we needed to and the kids got to play a game or two with their grandmother.
My only regret of going there was that I didn't really get any leftovers of my own.
On Sunday I decided to cook a turkey with all it's fixings so that I could enjoy the many leftovers.
I think I have done well to utilize the 'bird'. You could say I have been prudent.
On Sunday there was the traditional turkey meal. On Monday I made a Turkey Soup and served it with grilled cheese sandwiches. On Tuesday I made Turkey Enchilada's.
I chopped the turkey fine and sauteed it with garlic and olive oil before rolling it with cheese and tortilla's then placed them in a baking dish and topped with a spicy red enchilada sauce. I baked it for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees.
Later today I may see if there is enough left to bake a turkey and vegetable pie to freeze for a later date.
As for celebrating, today is my husband's birthday. The kids and I have decided to take him to an early dinner at Cafe Vilaggio--a fancy Italian restaurant in town. We saw in the paper that they have $9.99 early bird specials during the week. You could call us cheap--but I'd like to think of it as simply being prudent!

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