Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mother, Daughter Projects & Winter

My daughter Bella is no longer a baby. She hasn't been for quite a while. In my heart what I remember most about her is the many nights I held her, changed her and fed her. Now that she is a 'teen' I find I am lucky if I can steal even a hug.
We are in the middle of putting together gift baskets filled with a sample of dreamy island cookies, cranberry biscotti and sugar cookies for old friends. We have chosen a number of mom's to send them to. Mother and daugther's in Dallas, TX that she and I have shared friendships with. It's been a great way for me to spend time with her. She is a good baker.
Hopefully, the Christmas cookie tins will leave Cape Cod by the end of the week and head South.
It has been freezing on the Cape. Maybe she and I can squeeze in there too and head south ourselves--it's a lot warmer there. As the kids left for school Monday morning our temperature gauge read-14 degrees!

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