Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friends, Dinner Party & Spring-Time!

I want to share a picture of the dinner table I set for the party last night. I ended up extending the table and adding two more places for a third couple who were able to join us at the last minute.
I think everyone enjoyed the meal. The sun-dried tomato, basil and ricotta tart was a big hit and we said a toast to "good friends: old and new". I enjoyed introducing one of my oldest and dearest friends to two women I've developed friendships with since coming to the Cape.
As my guests arrived I served chilled Cosmopolitan's in fancy martini glasses and pesto stuffed mushrooms.
We played a fun and interesting game of "Apples to Apples". I love that game. We shared a lot of laughs.
For dessert I served my lemon cake, vanilla cake balls and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. And, I offered limoncello in fancy cocktail glasses.
As for spring-time there are signs of it everywhere around my yard from the birds that have recently returned to the buds that are appearing on my spirea bushes.

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