Monday, March 29, 2010

The Race, My Kids & Vanilla Cake Balls!

I just had to sign on this morning to announce that not only did I finish the hilly 6 mile scenic run around Falmouth yesterday but I didn't do too bad either especially for my first race ever. I ran just over 14 minute miles-not bad for a girl whose not as young as I used to be (or sometimes still think I am).

Each of my three children were very supportive of my acceptance of the race challenge. Nathan asked me what my goals were in the morning and wished me luck, Bella who ran in the race too put a great play list together for me and Sophia told me to "just have fun, Mom!"

I made a batch of cake balls for a Banquet my son attended for Basketball last night and I almost always make the chocolate ones because I feel those are always a no fail treat. This time I decided to bake Vanilla Cake Balls dipped in semi-sweet chocolate then drizzled with white chocolate. I was simply too tired last night from the run to actually attend the banquet myself but from what I hear they disappeared quickly.

As for Bella's run-she did amazing! She ran with a good friend of hers and they finished within seconds of one another. I knew she would cross the line before me and yet I am so happy we were able to share this special event together.

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