Monday, March 1, 2010

Having Company, The Blues & Sugar Cookies!

The kids Grandma and Papa came to visit us this past weekend. It's nice to have company-and it gave the kids a chance to connect with relatives they don't see very often. On Friday Papa made his special home-made spaghetti sauce, meatballs and hot sausage. It was delicious-come to think of it I wonder if he will share his special recipe?

I think one of the best ways to invite people into your home is to try and make them feel as welcome and at home as possible (especially those you hope will visit again). Right before we sat down to eat I built a fire in the kitchen fire place--after dinner we played a fun game of Taboo. We had a few good laughs.

On Saturday, we popped in and around Falmouth-they are big puzzle people so we stopped by Kaleidoscope Toy Store and added a few pieces to the ongoing 18,000 piece puzzle, the Library (Falmouth has a beautiful remodeled one), lunch out and of course a trip to the Famous Christmas Tree Shop.

Later that day just about everyone napped in the living room and we built another fire--a fire makes everything so cozy! It reminded me of that awesome kids book- 'The Napping House".

For dinner, I baked a maple glazed roast and a big pot of mashed potatoes and a special batch of Garlic topped Italian Bread. In the evening we all went to a Cafe to listen to a super fun local Blues band called Flipside-the lead singer is actually a friend of mine from my writing group and my youngest Sophia has a special bond with her.

I didn't forget about baking altogether-over the weekend I accepted an order to make Decorated Sugar Cookies in the shape of a Cross for an upcoming Confirmation party!

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