Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seagull Six, Yellow Cake & Dinner Party!

For some strange reason I signed up to run in a six mile race around Falmouth tomorrow. My daughter and her good friend are doing it and at the time it sounded like a fun challenge. The race website lists the two fastest runners with a time of around 30 minutes--and I am thinking is this even possible?
Yesterday a long time friend contacted me to say she was making her son a special cake for his birthday but she misplaced the cake recipe she usually uses. I know how that is. There are many times where I will want to make something I haven't made in a long while and simply can't find the recipe. That is one benefit of putting my recipe book together because when I am baking I use it too. A few of my favorite recipes are committed to memory but for the most part I count on my recipe book. Anyhow, I sent her the Cook's Illustrated Encyclopedia version of the Yellow Cake that I use for her to try. It should be delicious.
Then next friday I have decided to host a small dinner party at my house. I am making sweet potato fries with a garlic aioli, sun-dried tomato and basil tarte and a fresh leafy green salad. I am still choosing between fresh fruit and creme fraiche or that yellow cake with a butter cream and coconut frosting for desert.
In the meantime wish me luck on the race!

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