Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy, Daughters & Book-Club!

Last weekend the family that I made the cross shaped sugar cookies with personalized labels for was very appreciative. The father explained to me that one of the things that means the most to their large extended family are things that are personalized because it makes things more special. I'm happy they liked the cookies and I told him that I could relate to that because I try to create things that are meaningful.

Tonight my older daughter and I snuck out for some one on one time. We've both been extra busy lately and I felt we both could use a little one on one mother daughter time. We ended up at Peking Palace on Main St. in Falmouth and I think we both really enjoyed the chance to reconnect.

As for my book-club, we just finished reading "Shutter Island". And ya know, that is a book I wouldn't have necessarily chosen myself and yet I did enjoy it. It had a super strong plot with a totally surprise ending!
We've been trying to come up with a time that we can all meet up to view the movie version and it hasn't been easy trying to coordinate all of our schedules. Hopefully, we'll get together soon.

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