Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pomegranate, Clementine, Caramel Sauce & Pursuing Passions!

Over the weekend I picked up the most perfect pomegranate while I was doing our grocery shopping. I also bought a large batch of clementines.
I wanted to come up with a really creative way to use these unique fruit that is in abundance right now instead of just the usual way of scooping or peeling and eating.

I decided to make a sauce by scooping out the pomegranate seeds and squeezing the juice in, peeling and dicing the clementine into small pieces and taking a handful of caramels and melting them over a double boiler.

Don't make this sound harder than it is- you can easily make your own double boiler if you don't already have one by heating water in a sauce pan and placing a glass bowl on top-just make sure the boiling water doesn't heat the glass only allow the steam to heat the glass.
Stir the fruit and caramel regularly until the caramel melts and a sauce forms. Let cool. Pour over a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy!

As for pursuing passions, I had the pleasure of being invited recently to exhibit three pieces of my art work at G Design Center in Mashpee Commons (creating unique sculptures is another one of my many passions). My work will be there until mid November.
On Friday the owners hosted a private reception for the participating artists and our friends and supporters. I had a number of friends stop by to show their support and I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my work in a fun atmosphere with the other artists.

*Note on the sauce: You can leave the sauce with bits of fruit or you can cool and puree in your blender. I prefer it with pieces of fruit.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see your sculptures! I recently photographed some for a friend here in LH and I'm enamored. xo

Linda Steele said...

Nino, you could make a trip up to see in person!