Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gratitude, Cranberry Biscotti & Friends!

I was lucky enough to spend time with a close friend for the day on sunday. I left my husband in charge and decided I was giving myself a few hours off. It's always important (and needed) to take a little time to connect with friends. They help bring me back to me!
This particular friend lives in Central, MA and decided to drive down for the day. We had so much fun. We had a nice long lunch at Anejo's- a new Mexican Restaurant in Falmouth and sipped on their amazing Anejo Margarita's, took a long walk at the Knob (a truly special place) and afterwards we sipped a honey chai tea at Coffee O while I shared my pictures from the trip I took with my girls over the summer. We laughed often about the silliest of things.
She and I met in second grade and we have a very special bond. We know everything their is to know about one another and we still love and enjoy each other's company. To me, that is something to be truly grateful for.
As for Cranberry Biscotti, I was recently asked to donate a signed copy of my recipe book and a sample of my baking for a local upcoming Fundraiser/Auction. I decided to bake a large batch of cranberry Biscotti with white chocolate in part because it stays fresh so well and people really enjoy good Biscotti. I often hear, "that is the best Biscotti I've ever tasted".
I find there are always challenges and unique crosses that each of us must bear, however life is meant for living and I always try to do as much of the 'living part' as I possibly can. What about you?

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