Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Parties & Morning Walk!

I feel blessed this holiday because even though I don't have a lot of extended family on Cape Cod, I've been invited to so many fun holiday parties by good friends. Last night a woman in my book club hosted a party and it was nice because I didn't know everyone there and it was good to meet a few new people.

I met a man who travels from Cape Cod to Paris four times a year, a man who makes the best gumbo I've ever tasted and his charming girlfriend who shares a similar love for good books as I do and a man who as it turned out grew up in the same neighborhood I did in Worcester, MA who had such a great sense of humor!

Not surprisingly, I was asked to bring the dessert. I brought white and dark chocolate cake balls, celebration cookies and my most recent creation; sugar cookies with melted chocolate and crushed candy canes. They definitely were a hit and I came home with two large but empty Tupperware tubs that I brought them in.
I also brought a pitcher of my Holiday Cranberry Sangria. I used my recipe that accompanied my recently published essay "Comforts of Baking". I didn't actually taste it but friends said it was really good.

As for the morning walk, I convinced my fourteen year old to go with me on a walk early this morning. It was beautiful! It's cold but the wind was calm and the sun was bright. I took the above picture as we were out walking. It was early and we saw a coyote and two foxes!

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