Friday, December 17, 2010

Sugar Cookie Dough & Student Summaries

I brought my students a sampling of baked goods for the last day of class. I had sugar cookie dough left over from my party. I decided to create something new.

I rolled the dough into rounds, baked them then removed from my oven and painted the tops with melted milk chocolate and crushed candy canes. They are really yummy and it took a little less time than rolling them out into shapes. I also brought in a batch of double chocolate holiday cake balls drizzled with white chocolate.

Each semester I ask my students to turn in a portfolio-a compilation of the best of their work throughout the course with a one page summary that allows them to reflect on their experience in the class and their development as writers.

It's always fun for me to read them because I get to hear from them on a personal level about what they will take away from my class. I always learn something that both surprises me and that I appreciate.

It got me thinking; this concept of taking time for self reflection can be applicable in other areas of our lives too especially around the Holidays when stress is often high and we are about to close out one year and welcome a new one in.

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