Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super-Bowl Sunday, Sunset to Sunrise & Squares!

I was so happy to see the sun greet us on Super Bowl Sunday. The first picture I took while at Chapaquoit Beach, the other one is from my doorstep the next morning. I was excited to see the sun again the following day.
For me, Super-Bowl Sunday is just as much about all the food as it is about the game. Who even played in the Super Bowl--just kidding, Packers Vs. Steelers, right?
To serve during half-time, I made a large batch of chili. I used ground turkey, fresh diced tomatoes, sauteed chopped fine red onions, black and pinto beans, tomato sauce and lots of spices. A friend of my husband's stopped by and said, "this is delicious"! I made a large loaf of baked garlic bread too.
For desert, I baked my kids favorite Chocolate Cake. It's a moist Bundt cake drizzled with white and dark chocolate for the frosting. The recipe for that is included in "Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen".
As for the Squares, it's a tradition I started years ago. I want the game to be fun for my kids too even when they were still too young to care much about who was playing.
We make a traditional betting chart that the five of us take turns filling out. I buy prizes of things the kids like and depending on whose name is on the winning numbers they get to pick a prize.
It's usually just a large candy bar or something cool I came across. But they still look forward to it.
Somehow, I never seem to win a single square everyone won except for me!

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