Friday, July 15, 2011

Baking, Writing & Quick Story!

I've been busy in the kitchen this week. I was happy the weather cooled a bit because baking in a steamy kitchen is not fun! I've baked lots of celebration cookies, a vegetable tart, my "Linda's Lemon Cake", a Chocolate Ganache Butterfly Cake and a bacon & cheddar quiche! I love being in my kitchen with the windows open.
The quiche is my daughter Bella's favorite, I sent it with her to her dad's this weekend because this morning is her birthday and I wanted her to have something special from me first thing.
As for writing, I've completed a few writing assignments this summer since my teaching semester ended in June. The good side is I enjoy writing and it's nice to earn (a little) extra money from home. The down side is I've had less time to work on "Sweeter by the Beach" than expected. I try to have faith that I will complete it when the time is right.
As for the quick story, I recently submitted a food related article that will be published this fall. I mentioned briefly in the article a time I baked for my Dad before he died. Because of space limits I didn't have time to tell the whole story so I wanted to post part of it here.
My dad died a few years ago, and when he died it reminded me of a time when my son was first born. I wanted him to meet his grandson and I knew he wouldn't have a lot of food prepared for our visit. That morning I baked a tart, a loaf of whole grain bread and a lemon cake in my kitchen. I packed them up, bundled up my ten day old son and drove to his apartment in Boston so we could share the meal and he could meet his grandson.
It wasn't until years later, after he died, did I look back on that day and see how much that day must have meant to my Dad: our visit, our gift of sharing good food and the joy that a new baby always brings.

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