Friday, July 1, 2011

Loving What Is, Birthday Parties & Blueberry Sangria!

One thing I seem to be able to count on for sure in life is the fact that things don't always turn out the way I hope or plan for.

This leads me to the place of loving what is! Or at least I try to.

Life happens when I'm ready for it or not and it's up to me (us) to deal with life's changing events the best I can along the way!

My sweet daughter turned seven this week. She and I spent a better part of our days getting ready for it because I think she loves a good party as much as I do.

She decided to frost her sugar cookie pops with chocolate frosting and white chocolate chips for her guests to snack on as they arrived--we put together party hats for her friends to decorate before jumping in a pink and purple bounce house castle, eat pizza and sing happy birthday.

As for the blueberry sangria I decided to make a batch to serve to friends as they arrived with their kids as a way to welcome and celebrate summer! If you do a search for blueberry Sangria on the top corner of my blog I'm pretty sure you'll find my special recipe for it because I posted it last year when I came up with it for a trip down to Sandy Neck Beach with friends.

And if you're in Falmouth this weekend be sure to stop by the Coonamessett Farm Store as I delivered packages of just baked 'Celebration Cookies' for sale earlier today.

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