Friday, January 27, 2012

Story Behind Dreamy Island Cookies

A couple of summer's ago I baked and sold many of my Dreamy Island Cookies at the Coonamessett Farm Store in Falmouth. I hadn't baked them in a long while and the other day my daughter Bella asked if I would make them. They have chocolate, finely crushed pecans and flakes of coconut.

The best time to eat them is warm, right out of the oven.

I started my small at home baking business from the first summer we moved to Cape Cod. One day I decided to take my kids to Martha's Vineyard for the day. It was a perfect summer day. We rode the ferry, had lunch and took a swim. I remember we walked by a large white house that had a beautiful blue glass collection in the window. We went into town and bought a new piece for their collection. We had the store clerk gift wrap it. We went back to the house and left it on the doorstep anonymously with a note that said, "to add to your collection".

It was fun to do something unexpected for someone else. The kids and I had fun sharing in something spontaneous. My kids are much older now and I hope from time to time they remember that fun day we shared.

On the Ferry ride home I decided I would come up with a cookie for my newly formed business that would reflect the fun of that day. I thought of the name Dreamy Island Cookies to remember that trip to the Vineyard. I am not quite sure which ones I like more my Celebration Cookies with cranberry, blueberry and white chocolate or my Dreamy Island's with pecans, coconut and milk chocolate. I suppose I don't have to choose.

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