Monday, October 15, 2007

Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

I am not sure what I like more--a sheet of blank white writing paper with a sharpened pencil and fresh eraser at its tip or a new bag of flour and clean baking pans. Either way I know something fresh and new will soon be afoot. I can't help myself. My desire for fresh starts and new beginnings is potent. I love an opportunity to create.
Friends stopped over our house last night to watch the Patriots beat the Cowboys. My husband, a native to Texas, had his pride bruised and kicked a couple of times. I had it easy last night. I grew up here so I like the Patriots and having spent ten years in Dallas, TX I really do appreciate the Cowboys too. I am not a die hard football fan to begin with-I just love a chance to bring new friends together, cook them a good meal and serve a fun drink. I served a sausage and meatball lasagna and pomegrante martini's.
I secretly love the opportunity to pull out my martini glasses. They make me feel so grown up!
I also served a Vanilla Pound Cake drizzled with chocolate glaze. I had never tried this particular recipe before. And I have yet to offer it for sale. I am still partial to my Supreme Lemon, Orange Pound and Incredible Carrot Cake. I thought the Vanilla Pound Cake was not half bad. A guest remarked, "how do you get your cake so moist?" A baker's secret I guess.
The friends that came over last night are all fairly new friends-which gives me plenty of opportunity for new beginnings. I spoke with an editor today about a writing job. He asked me "do you really have a baking business or just write about it?" He doesn't live in town so he just didn't know. I thought how funny the power of the internet. I suppose if I wanted I really could just write about baking but never even set foot in the kitchen. I told him that yes I really do bake, that in fact I am doing the desert for an upcoming baptism. One of the things I am making are sugar cookies as edible party favors.
With a three year old at home baking is a perfect outlet for me. I not only indulge my desire for new beginnings and fresh starts but share my passion for baking with my daughter. Naturally, there's something to be said for tradition too. Some of my best recipes are classics and I still keep in touch with one of my very best friends from second grade.

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