Monday, October 1, 2007

Baker's Dare

Quick Story and Challenge

I remember the very first time I tried to make popover's.

This was year's ago- I was living in Hermosa Beach, CA. at the time. I decided to try something new. If you know anything about popover's the main idea is that they are to emerge from the oven light and fluffy. Mine were flatter than a pancake. I felt crushed. My first thought was something close to the likes of- 'what an idiot, you can't even make a decent popover'.

I opened the lid to the trash can and dropped them in. But instead of throwing away my popover recipe- I decided to try again. I noticed the second time around that I didn't have the oven on quite high enough. I didn't beat the eggs long enough. I used a tad too little baking powder. If I'd given up on the first try I'd never have learned that I can make a decent popover.
I try to extend this philosophy to raising my children. My older daughter received an overly harsh grade last week at school. She took it pretty hard. She felt she worked hard on the assignment and was unclear as to what happened. I gave her a hug. I reminded her that she is smart and that one grade isn't a make it or break it. I shared my story of the popover's with her. I pointed out that experience is a great teacher-that a willingness to give something a second try can make all the difference in the world.

What might you try today if you gave yourself just a little push?

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nathan said...

i liked how you tied your try and try again thing and tied it into bellas bad grade. very cool.