Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Women & Tears!

Sometimes what women really need is a good cry! I try to stay away from women who are constantly creating drama in their life. But a good cry now and then is just as good for the soul as laughter.

I am making Harvest Daisies and Autumn Spice Comfort Cake for the farm tomorrow -but first -remember the Novel, "Like Water for Chocolate"? Maybe you saw it in the film version? It is one of my all time favorite stories. The story follows the life of Tita and her lifelong love for cooking and for her lover Pedro. Tita can never marry him because of her domineering mother. Tita is left to express her passion for him through cooking. In one scene she becomes so sad and her tears become part of the meal she is preparing, which in turn influences the people who eat it.

I remember when my two older children left for there first day at preschool. As I left the school my eyes filled with tears. I was actually a little embarrassed and hoped I could make a quick dash to my car unnoticed. Many moms are thrilled to be free of there kids even for a few hours. Another Mom saw my tears and in a thoughtful attempt to lighten the mood said, "I have a good cry at least once a week, in fact I am probably due for one anytime". Then she told me how her husband encourages her to let out a good cry. He's a wise man. He knows that the tears will help her to move past whatever is causing her sadness or pain that tears will not create more drama- which is what I think many men secretly fear.

Imagine if more husbands were like him? Men typically don't cry-maybe they should once in a while? There are men I have known for twenty something years and I hardly if ever see them cry. Passion, at times, can lead to tears. Like Tita's passion for Pedro. My tears that morning marked an important milestone in our families life together. My children would no longer be influenced primarily by me and my husband but now by teachers and peers as well. That is a good thing- friends and teachers have greatly contributed to there lives for the better over the years. I didn't cry to stop the transition that day but to allow my heart to feel the change.

A good cry can set you back on course- it's a chance to express something that has caused sadness and then frees us up for life's joys again.
I better get back to my baking soon. Writing about tears won't get my baking done! The Harvest Daisies are daisy shaped cookies dipped in orange sugar. The Autumn Spice Comfort Cake has a wonderful streusel in the middle of the cake.

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