Friday, November 20, 2009

Game Night, Lemon Cake, Football Dinner & Deprived Husbands!

On Wednesday, I decided to bake a lemon cake for my family. It had been quite awhile since I let them taste something I'd made because often it's going out the door for a party or filling an order. We also played the game 'Apples to Apples' which everybody loves. Sophia played on my team and had a blast just hanging out with her older siblings.

Just recently I have been very aware of how in just a few short years Nathan and Bella will most likely move out and Sophia will not have them around as much. I try to get them all together as often as I can just to do something fun. I made a fire in the kitchen fireplace because it was a cold night.

On Thursday, we all went to a Football Dinner at the school for Nathan. It's a tradition where the Varsity players serve the parents and the rest of the freshman and JV players.

Tommy commented to one of the other dad's about how when his wife bakes he doesn't get to taste much of it since I am either filling an order or giving it away. He pointed out that the chances of the other dad getting more of my baking than he would is pretty strong since I usually bake for people around the holidays. They joked about how he would invite my husband over when I passed out my holiday baking gifts.

Since his birthday is right around the corner, I'll make a point of baking him a special cake so that he won't feel so deprived!

Baking is funny that way though. As much as I enjoy it- it takes a lot of time and effort to get just the right amount I need so that I tend to be a bit protective of what is cooling on the cooling racks.

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