Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey's, Football & Family!

We are heading out early this morning to watch the High School Football game in Falmouth. I have a thermos filled with coffee and a bakery box of cake balls, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and pumpkin bread to share.
I just finished making a chocolate cream pie and an apple pie for our dinner later today!
Tommy and I were laughing yesterday because we couldn't quite remember when there was a time that we actually cooked a turkey.
Although, since we are both pretty good cooks we decided we will figure it out. I am making a glaze from roasted shallots with maple syrup and rosemary-it should be delicious!
The blessing of staying home this year is that we get a chance to reconnect as a family and focus on what is important. At least we won't have to spend the day traveling.
To those who read my blog: thank you and happy thanksgiving!

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