Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flapper Girls, Mermaids, Gangsters & Pumpkin Cakes!

It has always been the little things that make me the most happy. Cases in Point:

My Flapper Girl costume turned out cute! Although if truth be told I had a hard time with all my props. I found one of those long black cigarette holders and fake cigarettes that looked as if it were lit when I puffed on it. I kept losing and dropping my props throughout the night!

The next day I was out walking in the neighborhood with a girlfriend and we found my fake cigarette on the ground. I'd lost it the night before on the way back home. I also had long white pearls, two inch heels, a feather in my hair, a black rose choker around my neck and long black gloves. Tommy made a pretty good gangster too. He had a fake gun, a white silk tie, a rose corsage tucked in his pocket and a cigar. He didn't have as much trouble with all his props as I did.

At the party, we saw my middle daughter's Science Teacher who made a great 'Mad Scientist'. She had a lab flask from which she drank her party drink.

On Saturday, Sophia woke up not feeling well. She woke with a cold and slept most of the day. Although, she rallied right up like a true party girl when it was time for trick or treating. I loved her Mermaid costume. I never did find a red wig so I bought a long blond one and dyed it red myself.

The only baking I was able to squeeze in last week were the two bundt cakes that I frosted orange. I grabbed sugar ice cream cones and frosted them green. I stuck them in the middle of the cakes so they'd look like pumpkins and brought them with me to the Halloween Party!

I did receive a cookbook order through Amazon last week though-I felt like a real professional downloading the label and shipping it to the customer right from home in my pajamas while drinking coffee!

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