Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Holidays!

The kids are home today. Nathan has two friends here and Sophia has the girl from next door over. They are busy!
The boys have been throwing the football around, playing video games and drinking soda- lots of soda. The girls are upstairs trying on dress-up clothes, flipping through books and playing pretend. I have to admit it is really nice having everyone around today.
I've been brainstorming party plans for the upcoming holiday season. It always arrives sooner than I feel ready.
This year I am throwing caution to the wind and hosting a Holiday Open House. I think by this weekend I should (seriously) get a head start on my holiday baking.
For the party I know I will want cake balls and Christmas cookies to serve to guests. Luckily those are two items that freeze well.
I am not quite sure what we will be doing for the Thanksgiving Holiday this year-although I know we will continue with one important tradition. I am sure I probably wrote about it last year on this same blog.
We put together either a whole bunch of turkey sandwich lunches or buy a slew of gift cards and pass them out to people in need. It's been a great way to instill in the kids the importance of reaching out to help others.

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