Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Best Laid Plans, Biscotti & A Cookie Party!

I decided to sneak out of my warm and cozy bed early this morning into the chilly air while Sophia was still fast asleep to get a bit of baking done. I enjoy the quiet of the morning to think and get a head start on my day.

As soon as I started down the stairs I heard Sophia climb out of her own bed and follow my lead. I thought of that Robert Burns poem that refers to the 'best laid plans'. It's like the other night when I'd hoped I'd reconnect with my teens over a fun board game but they had too much homework and it just never happened.

I cherish the time I spend in the kitchen with Sophia. I have the vague sense that years from now these are the times she will remember the most about me and our relationship. Yet, for today I'd hoped to get it started while she was still nestled in her bed because we already have a busy day planned. Let's face it I can move quicker on my own.

Yet, once we settled into a comfortable groove (and I let go of my idea for my 'best laid plans') we managed some of our most precious interactions yet. We chatted about things like how much we both love flour. She said, "I love how puffy and fluffy it is". I told her I agreed. Their is something about a big tub of flour that is so inviting and I love the way her and I share the simplicity of that.

We're baking Cranberry Biscotti with white chocolate. I am using my recipe that is included in "Meet Me in My Cape Cod Kitchen".

As for a Cookie Party, I've decided that sometime between now and Christmas I'm going to invite a bunch of women friends over for "Cookies & Cocktails".

I have tons of fun cookie cutters and a fabulous recipe for sugar cookies. I will serve my recipe for Holiday Cranberry Sangria and have a fire going in the kitchen fireplace. I guess as busy as the season can get I don't want it to pass without having a chance to connect with my girlfriends too.

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