Saturday, November 13, 2010

Party Invites, Out of Town Phone Call & Celebration Cookies!

I sent out my holiday party invites on Friday. I'm calling the party "Cookies & Cocktails". I remember last year I planned a Holiday Open House for couples and their families too and we got a major snow storm the night before the party and it turned out that many people were not able to make it because of the severity of the storm.
Luckily I have a number of friends that live within walking distance and we still managed a fun time. Although, I hope the weather cooperates this year.

Here's something fun: a woman who lives out of town and who subscribes to Cape Cod Magazine recently read my article, visited the blog then went to Amazon to order my book. She called me yesterday to ask a question about my recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Her phone call got me wondering: how have other's found my blog? I know a few people visit because of the labels I put on my baked goods all summer long at the Farm Store which includes the address.

As for Celebration Cookies, I'm accepting very few orders for Thanksgiving this year as I have my own baking to do not to mention I'm in the middle of my teaching schedule. However, I couldn't resist a friends request today to make her a couple of dozen of my Celebration Cookies for her Holiday party.

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