Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cookies & The Holidays!

We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom's house. The girls and I drove up early in the day because it turned out the annual Falmouth football game (the team my son plays on) was in Barnstable this year and I didn't want to arrive even later than expected. I know it takes a lot of work to prepare such a big meal.

The boys drove up at the end of the game. It was not a win for Falmouth. But, my son played hard and gave it his all throughout the entire season. I'm proud of him and of course it's nice to win but like most things in life it's really about how you play the game that in the end matters the most.

When I got back to Falmouth their was such a nice message waiting for me from a woman who ordered a couple dozen of my Celebration Cookies for her Thanksgiving meal. The message said, "words can't even describe how awesome your cookies taste". I love the feedback. I always try to bake the way I want my son to play the game of Football. I put care and attention to each batch I place in the oven.

As for the Holidays, I decided to get up early this morning to pre-make batches of my "Nana's No Fail Sugar Cookie" Recipe. It'll freeze well and it'll make my life so much easier to have that done and ready long before my "Cookies & Cocktails" party that's planned for the twelfth.

I also hope to get my Tree, lights and decorations done today partly because Sophia thoroughly enjoys Christmas and I think having it up now will make the whole season that much more magical for her.

I miss the feeling of total magic that Christmas can bring especially when your still as young as Sophia is. It seems like such a small but precious gift I can give to her simply by taking care of the decorating now. She loves to help with putting the ornaments on the tree.

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