Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Brownie's, Banana Bread & Game Night

It's been chilly around Falmouth lately. It was 30 degrees at the bus stop this morning. Brr!

It's been an amazing autumn this year with exceptionally bright shades of yellow, deep dark brown, red and purple leaves. The pictures offer a sampling of the colors from my morning walk and the view from our side yard.

I'm about to bake a batch of brownies the way the kids like them. I use double chocolate with a mix of cocoa and chocolate chips. I'm also baking a loaf of banana bread. The brownies are for dessert tonight. I love the smell in the house when I am baking two items at once, the chocolate and the banana bread together smells great. I think we'll all be home and I'll suggest playing one of my favorite games: Apples to Apples.
I'm baking the banana bread today simply because I have a few bananas that need to be used. It'll be nice before school in the morning tomorrow.

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