Friday, February 29, 2008

Bean & Cod

There's a little specialty food shop on Main St. in Falmouth called Bean & Cod.
The greater Boston area which naturally extends to Cape Cod is rich in history and tradition. Boston Baked Beans are famous around here and the Cod fish is pretty well known too. Why do you think they called this Cape-Cape Cod?
This weekend you can buy one of my Fabulous Carrot Cakes, Supreme Lemon or Delicious Orange Pound Cakes at the Bean & Cod in downtown Falmouth.
Naturally, they are very fresh. I baked each of them with special care and I used only the finest and freshest of ingredients. My Carrot Cakes have three cups of fresh carrots. My Lemon Cakes have fresh squeezed lemon juice. My Orange Pound Cakes have grated orange peel and fresh squeezed orange juice.
Are you in the mood for some cake? If you are in Falmouth this weekend head to the Bean & Cod and pick up a simply delicious treat.

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