Monday, February 11, 2008

From "Sea to Shining Sea" & Winter Vacation

Before I moved back from Dallas to Cape Cod friends warned me to plan my vacations in the winter. It was fifteen degrees when the kids headed out for the bus this morning. I am starting to remember why.
Luckily I have been packing for a trip we are taking together over winter break to a warmer, sunnier climate.
I have packed swimsuits, flip-flops and a couple of pairs of shorts. We leave Falmouth later this week. We head to Boston, hop on a plane to New York where we will make a connecting flight to Los Angeles. We plan to rent a car and head down to Hermosa Beach for the week.
The place we are staying sits right on the Strand and has a heated outdoor pool. We plan to soak up lots of sun and sand.
I used to live in Hermosa Beach. It's where I met my husband. At the time, I worked mostly in restaurants to help put myself through College at UCLA where I eventually earned a degree in English Literature.
I practiced my baking a lot when I lived there. I'd make cookies and breads for friends. There was a little French bakery/cafe on Pier Ave. that I used to like to order French Roast Coffee and Chocolate Croissants from. They had a little outdoor patio where we used to sit and soak up the sun.
I wonder if it's still there. I wonder what else has changed about Hermosa. Hopefully, not the warmer temperatures.

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