Sunday, November 4, 2007


Everyone's got a funny bone-some of us just use it more than others. I love it when people tell me a story or do something funny that makes me laugh. It feels good to laugh.
Especially the kind of laughter that almost brings you to tears or makes your side hurt.

In high school I ran around with the same group of girls day in and day out for years. We'd talk by telephone or see each other every single day. Somewhere around our Junior year one of these friends came up with the idea that she could imitate a lion better than any one. I have no idea where she got this silly idea. But, she could. At the oddest times she'd break into this dramatic roar that was so hysterical-I found myself almost peeing my pants on a number of occasions. I remember going to certain parties and we'd try to get our friend to do her 'lion's roar'. She never wanted to do it in front of a crowd though. We'd have to catch her when no one else was looking. We'd end up cracking up so hard and everyone else at the party would just stare.

This past weekend, my sister told me a funny story about her experience as a kid trick or treating. She recalled how once while wearing a large three-D Rubik's cube costume her and her friend were frantically chased by some kids from another neighborhood. My sister explained how she tried to run as fast as she could in costume to save her friend's candy from getting stolen. We shared a good laugh. Then I mentioned this story to another friend and he definitely laughed.

As we waited for the Nor'easter to pass over Cape Cod this weekend I didn't do too much baking because we lost our electricity for quite a few hours. In the meantime I did find a bunch of funny things to laugh about.

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