Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The True Tale Behind 'Dreamy Island Cookies'

Dreamy Island Cookies are one of my favorite sellers. They cost a bit more than other items for me to make because they have chocolate, butter, coconut and pecans or walnuts but they are very easy to bake and customers love them. Mike, a friend of mine, loves to eat my 'Dreamy Island Cookies'. One time when I made him a batch he said he put them on his kitchen counter while he went to take care of something in another room. When he came back to grab his cookies and pour himself a glass of cold milk they were all gone! His daughter ate them all.

I added these partciular cookies to my menu last April after a day trip on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard with my kids. We needed something fresh to do that day-something that could help us brush off the winter blues. We arrived in Vineyard Haven welcomed by sun and warm air. We tooled around and enjoyed all the beautiful houses on the main street.

One particular house caught our eye that day. It was a two story white house with black shutters that had a wonderful blue glass collection displayed in each of the windows. We decided to head back into town and purchase a blue glass piece to add to the collection anonymously. We had the clerk at the shop carefully gift wrap our selection, we wrote a little note that thanked the residents for sharing their wonderful collection and we went back and left it on the doorstep! It was special to share such a small but fun adventure with my kids that taught them about generosity to others.

On the ferry home I realized how much I love to be able to pop over to the Vineyard from Falmouth. It's a mini vacation to one of the most visited and beautiful spots in the world. I decided that I would come up with a cookie recipe and call them Dreamy Island Cookies to remind me of the fun we had on the island that day.

If Mike reads this-I have Dreamy Island Cookies in the oven for the farm tomorrow. I am also bringing a new recipe I came up with called Vanilla 'Bean-Town' Pound Cake the story of which will have to be told another day.

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Linda Steele said...

thats a funny story about your friend Mike! ( i would of aten them all too!!) Keep on writin!