Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Candy Cane Breakfast

My daughter has been part of a fun holiday tradition. This will be it's seventh year. I have continued it with her on Cape Cod because I know she has good memories of those special get togethers.

Girls are invited over on a weekend morning just before Christmas. They wear their pajamas and bring a wrapped Chritsmas ornament of there choice to include in a holiday gift exchange.

The girls usually do a craft-some years it's been decorating a picture frame that will hold a photograph to remind them of that special morning. Last year, I decided to have the girls make Christmas Cards for someone special. This year we've decided to decorate sugar cookies and wrap them in fun holiday packages.

The girls squeeze in next to each other (there were eighteen girls last year) at the kitchen table and have a yummy feast. Last year, I made a delicious sausage egg bake, a cinnamon maple glazed coffee cake, blueberry orange muffins and fruit. One mom arrived with white chocolate dipped strawberries to share. The girls are already looking forward to this year's Candy Cane Breakfast. One of my daughter's friends said, "I hope your Mom makes that sausage egg bake and coffee cake again".

In a world where so much seems just not quite right it's nice to have something that is so simple and innocent but lots of fun. I am glad that we decided to continue this tradition on Cape Cod.

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