Friday, December 14, 2007

Mourning Doves & Hot Cocoa with White Chocolate

The kids are on their way to school this morning. They were disappointed to hear of no cancellations due to snowy weather. They will have to wait until later to make snowmen, slide down the little hill near the house and invite neighborhood kids over for cocoa.

When we opened the side door so they could more easily make their way across the wintry white yard down to the bus stop three mourning doves immediately took flight from our large evergreen that grows out there. Mourning doves are a medium-sized bird, have a small head and a long pointed tail. It has a light brownish body and the tail has white on the outer edges. There sound is a low mourn. It was fun to be greeted by them.

Later this morning I am venturing out to bring old friends a homemade holiday treat. I promised the kids I would be back in time to have hot cocoa ready for them when they return. We like to make our hot cocoa with milk and drop little bits of white chocolate chips in the bottom of our cups.

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