Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chocolate Crown Cake, Patriots & 'Man Rules'

This cake is worth the calories! It's a super moist chocolate pound cake. The glaze is pure chocolate-a mixture of white and semi-sweet chocolate melted on top.

My husband says I am invited to the 'Man Shed' to watch the Football game tonight. It's the Patriots final game of the season and they're playing the Giants. Frankly, I was surprised to get an invite to the 'Man Shed'. When I first heard about this place, I assumed it would be a place I would never get an invite to. So it should be fun.

I made this cake to take along. I hope the 'sugar-buzz' doesn't inspire the men to hold any 'man rule' meetings while I am there.

It does make me wonder though if that beer commercial that Burt Reynolds played in about making 'man-rules' actually happens. If so, I'll have to invite the girls over next week for 'woman rules'.

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