Saturday, December 1, 2007

Collecting Driftwood on Cape Cod

Living on Cape Cod offers lots of opportunities for collecting driftwood. I have a number of incredible pieces of driftwood that I have found washed up at area beaches at different times.

My baker's display at the farm has a piece of driftwood. Above the mantle over my kitchen fireplace there's a piece of driftwood hanging that I have transformed into a sculpture. There is another beautiful piece resting naturally on the mantle ledge.

In some ways driftwood resembles baking. The driftwood took time. The weather, wind, rain and even snow was needed to make these pieces what they are. Baking took time too. Not to mention mixing, molding, heating and then cooling. It's a natural simplicity that they have in common. It's what I like most about each of them.

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