Monday, December 3, 2007

First Snowfall of Season

If we're going to have to live with unbelievably cold temperatures it might as well snow. Snow makes the cold more fun and bearable. On the Cape we only had the tiniest greeting of flurries. Nothing on the ground. Not even a sticking to the windshield.

This first flurry reminds me that last year I personally witnessed the freezing over of Old Silver Beach. I had to see it for myself to believe it. Someone said that if it's 19 degrees for three days in a row it'll freeze. He was right. It did!

It's not that I look forward to or even enjoy shoveling the snow. That's hard work. But when it snows we can make snowmen and snow angels. Snow also offers a quick invite to stay home and make hot cocoa, warm bread and a toasty fire.

The whole ground takes on a glistening brightness when it's covered with snow. To me everything seems a little more hopeful when everywhere you look all you see is white.

I'd better make sure we all have a pair of wool socks, warm mittens and thermal underwear handy. I think we're going to need them this season.

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