Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Magic & Recipe for Reindeer Food

I recently got to meet Julia Cameron. I had been reading her books for years. I love the simple magic in her work. It seemed fitting to me to offer her a small token of my gratitude so I gave her a small smooth rock with the word 'magic' engraved at its center. It was a simple gift but it genuinely reflected what I felt her work has offered to me.
Each year, right around this time I find myself wanting to get swept into the magic of Christmas. Having a young child helps-she so readily and whole heartily accepts the idea that Santa not only can fly by the help of his reindeer but also that he manages to get himself in and out of every single house around the world through the chimney no less to bring presents and fill our stockings while we sleep.
I distinctly remember when I realized that the story around Santa was pure fantasy. I was literally heart broken. I was sad to realize the world wasn't as magical as I hoped it was.
When my older kids were in preschool there was a part of me that was genuinely hesitant to promote the Santa story to them because I didn't want them to ultimately be disappointed.
But then I realized it is a gift, a blessing even to have the opportunity (even if for just a short time) to look at the world as a truly magical place. I think it was that same year that I started a tradition with them to sprinkle 'reindeer' food on our front lawn each Christmas Eve.

Recipe for Feeding Reindeer:

1 c oats
1 tsp cinammon
1 tsp sugar

Mix ingredients together. Place in a festive bag and tie with a holiday ribbon. Just before the little ones go to bed on the night of Christmas Eve take them out on the front lawn and sprinkle on the grass (or snow).

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