Monday, January 28, 2008

Blizzard of '78 & Waking Creativity

This week marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Blizzard of 78. I remember that storm pretty well actually. I was only nine but we got two weeks off from school and the snow drifts were at least three times the size of me. I wasn't living on the Cape then. I was in Worcester.

The Cape got a storm that started early Sunday afternoon. The kids were thrilled to have school cancelled yesterday. They slid down a hill near the house, had hot cocoa, made snowballs and towards the end of the day nearly killed each other. What in the world did my Mom do with three girls home in the middle of winter for two weeks?
Above is a picture from the window in the kitchen. The other shows our efforts to stay warm.
About creativity- I was lucky enough to go to a cool party on Saturday for a writer friends birthday. Everyone I spoke with was in the midst of some fun project. One friend told me she'd just converted her garage into a painter's studio so she could get back to painting. Another friend told me she just finished writing her novel.
A woman I hadn't seen in a while reminded me to 'give myself permission to write'. Not bad advice. It's so easy to say I'll get to other creative projects once the laundry is done or all the bills have been paid. The thing is those 'to do's' are always present.
Creative people need time to be creative. But, who among us is not creative?

I will pass on my friend's wisdom to you-give yourself permission to be creative each day if only for a little slice of your time. Write, dance, draw, sculpt, bake, create something. And have fun doing it too.

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