Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taste of Home Baking & History of Love

I found two good books at the library. My daughter loves to go to the Falmouth Library to check out books, listen in at story time or see what's in for DVD's-and she's only three.

It's a blessing really to have a place within a mile of the house that offers access to so many potential new adventures.

I managed a few minutes to sneak away to my section and I found a book called "Taste of Home Baking". I already have a handful of recipes I am looking to find the time to try.

I also picked up a novel called "History of Love". So far it's a fun book. The writer's funny and intelligent. My first thought when I saw the title was, "that's ambitious!"

The History of Love? I have to admit I have never felt as though I know very much in the way of explaining anything of or relating to love-let alone the history of it. At least the writer caught my attention with her title. The title refers to the name of a novel that one of the main characters wrote many years ago within the story.

I did find a little time to bake today too. I made mini lemon cakes and orange pound cakes.

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