Saturday, January 5, 2008

Road Trip & Oven's Turned off Today

We are heading off Cape today. We travel over the Bourne Bridge to get on 495 to head up to Central MA. Sometimes when I'm on the Cape I feel like I've been in this private world and when I go over the bridge it's as if I re-enter an old forgotten 'civilization'.
A road trip with a family of five can get a little dicey at times. 'Are we there yet?' 'I have to pee'. 'I'm hungry'.
We're going to a family party in Brookfield. I will probably see people today that I haven't seen in quite a while.
I wish I could say that we are staying for three days in a quaint B&B to explore all the fun places up there either somewhere in Metro West or Central MA.
The truth is my kids have Basketball games early Sunday so I will probably have to head back over the bridge some time before days end.
Before we get on the road I will make sure my oven is turned off for today.

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