Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Punch Bowl in Beebe Woods & Chocolate Chip Scones

Today is a really cold day for a good walk. The temperature gauge read seven degrees when I poured my coffee this morning.
By the time I was ready for a walk it reached about 17 degrees. With three kids, a husband and two part time jobs (baking and writing) I have to take my walks when I can get them.
You can get to this pond by entering Beebe Woods and following the trail behind the Cape Cod Conservatory in Falmouth. It's a wooded path which leads to a spot called the Punch Bowl.
My kids love to head here in the summer to go for a swim with friends.
I am in the middle of making about 4o packages of sugar cookie party favors for an event this weekend. I decided since I had to have my oven on for the day I would also throw in my favorite recipe for chocolate chip scones to send with my husband for work tomorrow. The scones are super light and fluffy. They're topped with a bit of sugar and made with heavy cream and bits of semi sweet chocolate.

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