Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snow Cake

Finally, a little snow on the Cape. There's about a half inch out there and flurries are still whirling about. I'd prefer the summer altogether but if it must be cold then show me the snow.

Snow Cake is not the name of a new creation my oven has recently concocted but rather the name of a really good movie we rented last night. I get disappointed with so many films these days. But Snow Cake was worth every minute of my time. It's a Canadian film starring Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. The film reminds me a little bit of Crash because the lives of the characters become deeply intertwined as a result of a single tragic incident. Weaver plays an adult highly functioning autistic woman and she was brilliant in her role. The movie made me laugh and cry.

One of my favorite games is Scrabble. There's a scene in the movie where Alex (Alan) and Linda (Sigourney) play. Linda plays where you can make up a word as long as you are able to use the new word properly in a sentence. Alex is skeptical. Linda manages to provide a powerful example of the use of her made up word. You'll have to rent the movie to know more. The word earns her close to 100 points.

It's fun to be inspired by good music, books and movies. Maybe I'll make an angel food cake with white whipped cream frosting and call it 'Snow Cake'. I'm sure my kids would be happy to test it for me.

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